what makes us different?

Panoply is an innovative nursery in Cairo that aims at providing children aged 12 months to 4 years old with a program that adheres to the EYFS standards and responds to not only their intellectual and physical needs, but also to emotional and social needs of the developing child.

We provide the highest quality care through Creative, child friendly yet safe “Learn through play environment “in which our young panos nourish and move forward in a smooth way to their next step in life “school life”.

We like to think that panoply is your children’s home away from home. Somewhere your little ones can laugh and learn in a loving, relaxing, happy, and safe environment.
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  • Mission
  • Vision
Panoply nursery aspires to provide the right condition for your children to thrive as an emotionally intelligent, healthy, and creative individuals allowing their potential to be fully realized. Through our happy, warm, safe and fun learning environment incorporating the core values of our curriculum.
Panoply’s overall environment promotes each child’s confidence, independency, and love of learning as well as enhancing their ability to advance and excel by providing a safe professional child centered setting where the key focus will be on “Learning through play”
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